If you’re broken, I’m not you’re guy.


If you’re READY, let’s talk.


Life sucks sometimes. 


When it does, you can either choose to stay stuck in suck, or choose to kick ass.


I suggest kicking ass.

The MOJOproject is about two things: building MOMENTUM & creating JOY. When you have momentum in your life, you're moving in a positive direction, being productive, feeling energized and clear on where you're going. Joy is the feeling of great pleasure and happiness and is, quite simply, something we should all be striving to have abundantly in our lives.


We are all given the opportunity to do amazing things with our lives. So pause and ask yourself, "Am I living into my potential?". 

If you honestly answered "yes", you are a badass. Keep up the great work and let's connect. I love surrounding myself with high performers.

If you answered "no" and are ready to get your MOJO back, you've found the right High Performance Coach.


I only work with people that are ready to take charge of their lives. People who are used to success, used to putting in the effort, used to accomplishing their goals. My clients are action-oriented, solution-driven, and deeply desire to live into their potential. 

If that sounds like you and you're ready to take your performance to the next level, let's talk. Whether you need a big shift or a little tweak, having a coach to help identify blind spots, ask tough questions and pull the answers you have inside you to the surface, it's time to live into that potential.

Through Certified High Performance Coaching with the MOJOproject, 

You will build MOMENTUM.

You will create JOY.

You will get your MOJO back.


As a Certified High Performance Coach, I use the only evidence-based, academically validated, coaching method that has been proven to get RESULTS. (CLICK HERE for a deeper dive with Brendon Burchard on High Performance Coaching) 

The MOJOproject is dedicated to building MOMENTUM and creating JOY in the lives of people who have faced adversity and are struggling to get their MOJO back. 


If your body or will has been broken, don’t let that define you. 


If your business or relationships have failed, don’t let that define you.

If you're not living with the purpose and passion you desire, don't let that define you.


You have the power to decide WHO you are and how you want to BE in this life. My suggestion:        BE AWESOME.

If you're READY to take your life to the next level, FILL OUT THIS QUESTIONNAIRE and let's see if High Performance Coaching is the right fit. I'll respond to all submissions within 48 hrs to let you know if we should move forward with a Strategy Call. 

Thanks for checking out the MOJOproject!

Shoot me a message when you're ready to get your MOJO back!
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Client Corner

"l was personally mentored and coached by Jason. With his amazing enthusiasm and structured approach, I was able to formulate a consistent game plan to work towards consistently achieving my goals.  In three months I went from lacking true focus and clarity to being on fire with optimism, presence and passion! I have since become a better husband and father, started a doctorate program, and am working towards living my dream career. Jason’s methods are proven. Thanks J for being the best coach I could ask for!" 

Ryan Carr

Performance Coach

M.A. Sport Psychology

Certified Mental Performance Consultant (CMPC)